Outlook Academy!

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Outlook Academy provides various services for our home schooling parents with few requirements to hinder them from devoting their time and energy to the education of their children.

As a legal home school covering, Outlook Academy meets all state regulations by:

  • Providing the means to homeschool legally in Alabama
  • Keeping records of attendance provided by member families

Outlook Academy uses today’s available technology to assist families in making the home schooling process as easy and efficient as possible. As a result, we offer services beyond the state regulations, and many of these services are Internet-based.

Other services include:

  • Providing convenient web-based record-keeping of attendance to home schooling families via email;
  • Maintaining a monthly email newsletter and a web site featuring news of home schooling interests;
  • Providing verification of church school enrollment upon request for driver's license permit, work permit, and dual enrollment;
  • Responding to inquiries from member families and people who are thinking about home schooling via email, phone, or postal mail;
  • Remaining abreast of any laws, regulations and legal issues that may pertain to home schooling in Alabama and disseminating this information to members.


  • New Enrollment Between June 1 and August 5
    One-time Enrollment Fee: $30
    Annual Membership Fee: $95
  • New Enrollment August 6 through May 31 (mid-year enrollment)
    One-time Enrollment Fee: $75
    Annual Membership Fee: $95
  • Re-enrollment (second year and beyond) May 31 through June 30: $85
  • Re-enrollment (second year and beyond) July 1 through August 5: $95
  • Member of Prattville Primitive Baptist Church: $0

Other charges:

  • $30 enrollment fee to add an additional child to a current family enrollment
  • $50 annual membership fee per family who wishes to use our services but does not have a child of compulsory age (Associate Membership)
  • $0 for any letters needed to verify church school enrollment for driver's license permit, work permit, and dual enrollment

Please click on Enrollment on the Main Menu for instructions and forms. All fees must be submitted with the completed and signed Admission Form, Church School/Teacher Agreement and Church School Enrollment Form. Without them, the application is not complete and no decision on acceptance will be made. We cannot accept faxed forms, only originals. We accept money orders and checks drawn on your account with your current address printed on the check and made out to Outlook Academy; we cannot accept counter checks, credit cards or PayPal. 

Fees are per family, not per child. However, if a partial family enrollment is processed, leaving one or more of your children in public school, an additional fee of $30 is due if you later decide to remove them from public school and add them to the family enrollment. Please note: We cannot accept counter checks.

All fees are non-refundable, so prayerfully consider your decision to homeschool through Outlook Academy before applying. Also, fees are not prorated throughout the year. The administrators spend the same amount of time assisting a family beginning to homeschool regardless of their enrollment date. Indeed, midyear enrollments require their immediate attention and take them temporarily away from their own children’s education schedule.

You will be notified upon acceptance to Outlook Academy via postal mail. Should your admission be declined, you will be reimbursed for the membership fee, but not the enrollment fee.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds, personal checks will no longer be accepted. The issuer of the check will reimburse Outlook Academy for any charges resulting from the bounced check and a $30 fee will be charged. The family must redeem bounced checks within 10 days and make other payment arrangements, or result in dismissal from Outlook Academy.

Records and transcripts at Outlook Academy will be not forwarded until the family’s account has been settled.