Outlook Academy!

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Because we believe that parents are best suited to direct the education of their children, Outlook Academy asks only for what the law requires and offers support for your personal choices. Materials, schedules, reports, and files are all up to the discretion of the parents.

From member family-schools, Outlook Academy requires:
  • Annual membership fee per family with a child of compulsory age (7 to 16 years);
  • One-time enrollment fee;
  • Completed Church School Enrollment Form submitted by parents to their student's public school district of residence;
  • Completed Admission Form and Church School/Teacher Agreement submitted to Outlook Academy;
  • Annual attendance reports submitted to Outlook Academy via email or postal mail;
  • Email address, with exceptions granted on an individual family basis with prior notice.

Neither Outlook Academy nor Prattville Primitive Baptist Church is legally liable for the education of the children of families enrolled in the church school. Submission of forms for admission is acknowledgment and acceptance of this fact.

Parents maintain the sole responsibility to:
  • Select the appropriate education materials and/or curriculum;
  • Provide primary instruction to their child(ren);
  • Evaluate school work and assign grades, if desired;
  • Maintain daily attendance and submit annual attendance reports to Outlook Academy;
  • Request and keep a copy of transcripts and records from previous schools;
  • Prepare and submit transcripts and records to future schools (if returning to public or private school) or to institutions of higher learning;
  • Submit all necessary fees and forms with correct information to Outlook Academy by all deadlines;
  • Keep Outlook Academy immediately informed of any changes to residency status, enrollment decisions, address, telephone or email contact information;
  • Inform Outlook Academy if contact is made with the School Board, Department of Human Resources or other state or county officials interested in your home schooling.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in dismissal from Outlook Academy and notification of dismissal to the Superintendent of the Board of Education.

From member family-schools, Outlook Academy suggests:
  • Schooling for 180 days per year, as required by public schools only;
  • Teaching reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, oral and written English, geography, history of the United States and Alabama, science, health education, and physical education, as required by public schools only;
  • Including religious instruction;
  • Keeping personal records such as daily work journals, work samples, and lists of field trips, books and activities;
  • Participating in a local home school support group;
  • Enrolling in Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which will provide legal aid if ever required.

Although membership in Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is no longer required for Outlook Academy members, we strongly recommend that each family join HSLDA. HSLDA provides free professional legal representation and assistance with any social service contacts and investigations related to homeschooling. Outlook Academy does not have the resources to provide legal aid if needed. As a result, many Outlook Academy families are also HSLDA members and are eligible to receive a $20 discount on their HSLDA membership.

Outlook Academy does NOT require: HSLDA membership, statement of faith, curriculum review, testing, report cards or progress reports, annual meetings, or minimum days of attendance or hours of instruction. Furthermore, we do not require membership in Prattville Primitive Baptist Church, but membership qualifies for a waiver of Outlook Academy membership fees.

Outlook Academy reserves the right to terminate the application process or dismiss a member at any time for any reason with a 30-day notice.