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Upon enrollment in Outlook Academy, the only record keeping required is daily attendance. Parents then submit attendance reports to Outlook Academy once a year at the end of the school year.

Deadline for Annual Attendance Report: July 15

A reminder will be included in the monthly e-newsletters prior to the deadline. You may use any method of reporting as long as it includes your children's names, academic year and total days. Do not email an attachment. Instead put the information in the body of an email or snail mail the attendance. Be sure to keep a copy for your records! Emailed reports will be electronically saved, and snail-mailed reports will be filed.

State regulations require keeping attendance, but the regulations do not mandate a minimum number of school days per year. As a result, Outlook Academy does not require a certain number of school days. However, the state requires 175 days for public schools and 140 days for homeschoolers using the tutoring option. This gives you a guideline in which to decide for your own family. Traditional academic calendars or year-round schedules are equally acceptable.

Outlook Academy is not responsible for any truancy charges arising for the time before admission is granted. Furthermore, Outlook Academy is not responsible for any charges arising from parents' failure to submit authorized Church School Enrollment Forms to the local Board of Education.

State regulations also do not mandate a minimum number of hours per day for schooling under church schools. Those who homeschool using a tutor are required to school for a minimum of three hours per school day. You may use this guideline if you wish. Remember that hours counted toward a school day should include a wide variety of activities in addition to book learning, such as field trips, computer use, free reading, science projects, cooking, travel, theater, museums, music lessons, educational TV programs, arts and crafts, dance classes, gymnastics, athletics, etc.

Grades, Transcripts, Report Cards and Tests

Grades, transcripts, report cards, student evaluations and tests are not required by the state of Alabama; therefore, they are not required by Outlook Academy. Parents are solely responsible for grades, transcripts, report cards, student evaluations and tests. Their use is at the discretion of each family.

Even so, you may want to keep your own personal records, such as daily work journals, work samples, and/or lists of field trips, books and activities. This is particularly important for high school students who plan for college or students who may return to the public school system.

We will certainly keep on file any reports and records submitted by the parents.

If parents choose to use grades, any method of grading is acceptable to Outlook Academy. You may choose letter grades, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, or a short evaluation of what resources and materials were used in each subject and what topics were covered.

Some children want to receive a report card, and some organizations or clubs may require a transcript from your child. Should you need or want a report card or transcript, you can find forms for report cards and transcripts to print on the Internet. Try these links:
To ensure a complete set of school records, you should request all transcripts and records from previous schools. Click here to download the form you need. Parents should mail the completed form "Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested" to the previous school, which will forward all records to the parents. Keep these records on file.

Standardized testing is not required in Alabama, so we do not provide this service. However, many homeschool support groups do. Contact your local homeschool support group to see if it offers testing. Keep in mind that since the tests are administered in the spring, arrangements for the tests are generally made in January.