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Our Members' Comments

Read what other families have said about Outlook Academy:

Just a quick note to thank you for your cooperation and consideration with us due to our military status and location. I couldn't have chosen a better school and administrator!
Lisa of Hamilton

Thank you so much for keeping Outlook Academy so simple to follow. Many of my friends have other cover schools and have to fill out mountains of paperwork and answer all kinds of questions, etc. I LOVE Outlook Academy because it follows the law without a bunch of other rig-a-marrow. Keep up the good work!
Becky of Wetumpka

Thanks for the ease in attendance reporting. You are decreasing my workload!
Karlis and Sheryl of Pike Road

I really appreciate Outlook's hands-off philosophy. I would've given up by now if I had been required to fill out all kinds of forms, proving days and hours and subjects, etc. May God Bless You All.
Donna of Opelika

I know that Outlook Academy is hands-off, but I have certainly had a greater assurance with you than my experience with [another church school]. I'm still not sure they filed my paperwork.
Tanya of Millbrook

As veteran homeschoolers, we are so grateful that we found Outlook Academy. This was our first year back in America after homeschooling in Europe for five years. Thank you so much for keeping our administrative load light so we can focus on giving our children the best education possible!
Valery of Montgomery

We are really enjoying the freedom to be able to go out of town and him still be able to do his school work. Thanks!
Janice of Millbrook

I found it beyond helpful how you organized your enrollment information. Just to let you know, it was the absolute easiest set of forms to fill out. I LOVED the checklist and the "what to do next." Most people may not need this, but I am so scatter-brained right now that it took the stress and burden out of enrolling in a cover school. So, if no one else has said it, thanks for your easy-to-understand enrollment process.
Tina of Prattville

Thanks for being there for us. Outlook Academy was truly a prayer answered when we needed it the most. If we can help in any way, consider us volunteers.
Phillip & Karen of Millbrook

My son is doing very well, and I wish I had done this sooner. Thank you for all the newsletters which give me good information.
Shirley of Montgomery

Thank you for your support and newsletters. They are a great help. Looking forward to continuing his education at Outlook Academy!
Jamillah of Prattville

We appreciate what you are doing to help parents as you have helped us. During the time that we have home schooled Jessica, we have become closer as a family. We remain forever grateful.
Steve and Deanna of Valley

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us to homeschool our son legally! We are truly grateful.
Elizabeth of Prattville

I appreciate your reaching out to me as a new member of the community. May God bless your ministry.
Sandra Kay of Prattville

Until we are able to go back to Oregon, homeschooling is the best solution to make sure that my Honor Roll son continues to learn without all of the stress he has been under at school. Thanks again for your acceptance and support.
Dajuana of Robertsdale

I wanted to thank you for all you do for our family by providing this service.
Lynn of Camden

We are very excited about our homeschool journey. Thank you so much for making this transition so easy. I am looking forward to working with you and learning all I can about homeschooling to make this a wonderful experience for my children, my family and myself.
Kathy of Joppa

We chose your academy for several reasons, most importantly because of all that you offer in terms of co-op classes.
Tina of Prattville

Thanks for keeping up with me. It was comforting knowing that I had someone to reach out to.
Bonnie of Prattville

Just wanted to say thank you. You definitely do a thorough job!
Sunshine of Sylacauga

Thank you for your part in allowing us to home school our son.
Mike and Suellen of Auburn

Thank you very much for all you have done this year for Outlook Academy. Josh and I have grown a lot this year!
Mary Elizabeth of Montgomery

Your website has been very helpful in our decision to homeschool. Thanks so much.
Stephanie of Deatsville

I have visited numerous web sites and was most impressed by yours.
Stacy of Montgomery