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Academy Days Co-op offers classes that are difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings, such as science labs, composition, drama and P.E. Homeschool families meet Thursdays for 14 weeks in the fall and 14 weeks in the spring at Coosada Baptist Church near Millbrook, Alabama, to learn, socialize and support one another. Starting Fall 2016 the co-op will meet on Tuesdays.

The co-op is designed for high school students, but classes also include preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and junior high so the entire family can participate.

Academy Days Co-op is not a church school. If your child is compulsory age, then you must first be enrolled in a church school to comply with state regulations. Homeschoolers from any church school covering are welcome, although many families in Academy Days belong to Outlook Academy and, as members, receive a discount on co-op fees.

As a Christian homeschool co-op, we base our guidelines on precepts from the Bible, and classes are taught from a Christian worldview. Nevertheless, as an inclusive group, we welcome all families from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and homeschool styles.

Classes are kept small, usually between 10 and 12 students, so they fill quickly; contact us early to sign up. Classes change every semester based on student interest and teacher availability, but usually include such core subjects as Apologia's science labs, high school composition and P.E. as well as electives such as digital photography, cooking and computer programming. High school classes are college-prep. Elementary and kindergarten students enjoy creative writing, P.E., history, and science as well as their own "elective" classes such as drama, art, music, and P.E.

Teachers are fellow parents with a degree, special knowledge or passion for the subjects they volunteer to teach. Most teachers hold bachelor's and master's degrees and enjoy sharing their passion for learning with the students. Teachers also receive discounts on fees.

Fees pay for supplies only, so co-op is very affordable. Most class fees range from $2 to $15 for the entire semester, not per week.

More information
We'd love to have you join our homeschool co-op! Go to AcademyDays.com for more information.