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Now's the time to sign up your high schooler for a class he needs for credit or a subject your elementary child has been wanting to pursue for a while. Either way you benefit from having someone else teach a subject with which you're unfamiliar. Think science labs, psychology, drama, art, entrepreneurship, study skills, elementary French, LEGO™ Builders, and computer programming. See what else your child may like or need to take! Deadline to sign up for Academy Days Co-op is Tuesday, July 25.

Fees are very affordable as they range between $1 and $15 per class (not per week) for the entire 14 weeks. The premier homeschool co-op in the area, Academy Days Co-op is open to all homeschoolers of any church covering, from preschool through high school.

Academy Days Co-op meets on Tuesdays at Coosada Baptist Church in Coosada (near Millbrook). Fall semester starts Aug. 15 and runs for 14 weeks. Go to www.AcademyDays.com to read about the classes and sign up via email.

Pre-registration via email is required by July 25. Below is the schedule, but go to the web site for available spaces.

First Period: (9:30-10:25 a.m.)
British Literature & Composition (gr. 9-12), Research Paper / Term Paper (gr. 10-12), Psychology (gr. 7-12), Speech & Public Speaking (gr. 7-12), Literature & Creative Writing (gr. 7-8), Study Hall (gr. 7-12), Writing Wranglers (Creative Writing gr. 5-6), Write On! (Creative Writing gr. 3-4), Grammar Jammers (Creative Writing gr. 1-2), Musical Mornings (Preschool-Kindergarten)

Second Period: (10:30-11:25 a.m.)
P.E./Game Hour (gr. 6-12), Spanish II (gr. 9-12), Self-defense (gr. 6-12), Marketing (gr. 7-12), Theatre/Drama (7-12), Study Hall (gr. 7-12), Scratch Computer Programming (gr. 4-7), Elementary French (gr. 4-6), Nifty 50: Fun with These United States (gr. 1-4), LEGO™ Builders (gr. 1-4), P.E./Game Hour (gr. 1-5), Story Time & Activity (Preschool-Kindergarten)

Third Period: (12:30-1:25 p.m.)
U.S. History (gr. 9-12), British History (gr. 7-12), Entrepreneurship: Business Basics (gr. 9-12), Study Skills for High School and College (gr. 7-12), U.S. History (gr. 7-8), Study Hall (gr. 7-12), U.S. History (gr. 5-6), U.S. History (gr. 3-4), U.S. History (gr. 1-2), P.E./Playground (Preschool-Kindergarten)

Fourth Period: (1:30-2:25 p.m.)
ACT Prep (gr. 9-12), Apologia's Advanced Biology (Human Anatomy & Physiology) (gr. 10-12), Apologia's Marine Biology (gr. 8-12), Apologia's Physical Science (gr. 8-12), Earth & Space Science (gr. 7-12), Study Hall (gr. 7-12), Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt (Botany gr. 5-6), Scientific Explorers (Natural Science gr. 3-4), EveryBODY's Inside Out! (Anatomy gr. 1-2), Little Chemists for Preschool-Kindergarten

Go to http://www.academydays.com for class descriptions, fees, available spaces and enrollment information.